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In divorceDivorce is a complex situation. Today, nearly one in two marriages ends in divorce. If you belong to this group, you’re probably wondering what’s going to happen to your Montreal property over the next few months.

Who’ll look after the house?

You’ll need to discuss with your future ex-spouse who will keep the house: one of you or neither of you. In most cases, the house has to be sold, as both parties would prefer to keep it. More often than not, we opt for a sale and share the profits equally. However, sometimes the sale of a property drags on, especially if it is advertised by an agent and receives very little interest from buyers. Sometimes, selling your home directly to a team like Vendre Maison Vite saves time and headaches. 

Should you sell directly to an investor?

How to sell your home quicklyMontreal, Quebec real estate buying professionals can close deals much faster than traditional buyers. Normally, to sell a house, you have to apply to the bank for a mortgage and wait for it to be granted, without knowing whether the application will be accepted in the end. What’s more, selling the traditional way means spending around 3% of the sale price on commission for each agent. As a result, a house sold for $300,000 would cost $18,000 in commissions alone! By opting instead for a sale to a professional investor, you won’t have to go through any of that.  

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We buy houses as they are

Montreal real estate professionals buy many properties as they are. This means you won’t have to renovate or spend money to improve or promote your home. Some companies don’t even ask to have the property inspected before buying it.

A lower-risk transaction

The sales process is greatly simplified by the real estate purchasing professional. Your buyer can explain what’s coming, step by step, and present you with a short, concise contract that simply states that the property will be sold as is. This contract allows you to avoid taking legal risks. After all, a professional is not going to discover something you didn’t mention, or a little something that annoys him about the property or the neighborhood. If you were to sell the traditional way, your buyer could potentially sue you if he felt he hadn’t received all the information he needed to make an informed decision. On the other hand, if you sell to an investor, you don’t take this risk, since the investor is a professional who knows full well the condition of the property when he buys it, and takes full responsibility for it.

No visits

By selling your home to a real estate professional in Montreal, Quebec, you avoid the roller-coaster of emotions usually associated with the sale of a valuable asset. You won’t receive any disturbing calls in the middle of dinner from someone asking if you’re available to show the place. You won’t need to worry about appearances every morning before going to work, just in case a potential buyer passes by in your absence. You won’t have to wonder how you should respond to the delicate questions of buyers or their agents as you meet them at the corner grocery store. And you won’t have to fight with buyers to keep your cherished furniture and decorative objects.

Moving at your own pace

Professional real estate buyers are investors; they have no intention of moving into the properties they buy. As a result, they can give you some breathing space after signing the contract, so that you can organize your move at your own pace. This is all the more useful in the case of a direct sale, since investors can close very quickly. What’s more, your buyer may not even ask you to clean the place before leaving. So your move will simply involve transporting the furniture and objects you want to keep, and leaving everything else behind.

To find out more about selling your property directly, contact the Vendre Maison Vite team. So you don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen with your Montreal following a divorce, call 514-320-1000 or send us a message.