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Selling a home in the Montreal area can be quick and easy. You don’t have to go through a long and tedious process. Find out what other methods of selling a home in Montreal could save you time and money by reading this article. 

Many homeowners think they need to hire an agent to sell in the Greater Montreal area. But it’s not that simple. Many homeowners choose to advertise their homes for sale on their own, or sell directly to a real estate professional. This last option allows you to sell quickly without spending money or having the house appraised. Here are a few tips to help you sell your Montreal home quickly and hassle-free!

Cash home buyer, Buy house fast, Sell my house fastFind a reputable direct buyer

The quickest and easiest way to sell a home in Montreal is to find a buyer who can make a direct and immediate offer. The Vendre Maison Vite team can make you an offer right away, and close the deal in just a few days. If you sell your home outright, you’ll avoid a number of expenses for things like agent commissions, renovations, promotion and ongoing carrying costs. We can close a sale in a matter of days. If you advertise your AVPP home or hire a Montreal real estate agent to sell it, the selling process could take months. In this case, you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars every month on taxes, insurance, electricity and maintenance.

Sell your house as is

Often, putting even more money into a house you want to sell doesn’t really make sense. People often end up investing their money in repairs or upgrades that don’t pay off. On the other hand, if you sell your Montreal home as is, you’ll be giving your buyer the opportunity to renovate to his or her own tastes. The Vendre Maison Vite team can make an offer to purchase your Montreal home immediately, since they will buy it as is. This way, you avoid all the costs associated with repairs and upgrades.

Avoid paying sales fees and commissions

If you want to avoid paying commissions and agency fees, you could advertise your home “for sale by private individual” or sell it directly to a professional real estate buyer. By avoiding the middleman, you can keep more money in your pocket. Agent commissions are usually around 6% of the sale price. What’s more, some agents even charge additional administrative and promotional fees. Each agent has his or her own way of doing things. If you plan to hire an agent, make sure you understand what’s included in the contract.

60 days notice, Buy House Cash, Sell house fastOrganize your belongings in advance

Most people don’t like to move. Rather than being overwhelmed by change, plan ahead. That way, when moving day comes, you won’t be caught unprepared. Declutter the property and get rid of things you’ve accumulated but don’t use (clothes, toys, magazines, etc.) Pack up everything you don’t need. All you have to do is pick up your boxes and leave when the house is sold. Packing your boxes in advance will be all the more useful if you choose to advertise your home for sale on the market. In fact, the fewer personal belongings you have in the house, the easier it will be to sell.

Compare your options

Buy House Cash, Sell my house fast, Buy house fastThere’s more than one way to sell a home in Montreal. If you don’t mind paying fees from day one and not being guaranteed a sale, you could advertise your home for sale with an agent. If you know anything about real estate, an AVPP ad could be to your advantage. Remember, though, that everything rests on your shoulders: the visits to organize, the paperwork to complete and the questions from buyers to answer. If you sell directly to our Vendre Maison Vite team, we’ll take care of everything. You won’t have to worry about cleaning, renovations, home staging or paperwork. We make it easy for you to sell and move on.

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