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Standing out in a seller’s market can be quite a challenge, given the fierce competition. Thinking of selling your Montreal home?

If so, we’ve got some great ways for you to stand out from the crowd. No matter what the market looks like, if you use the right strategies, you’re sure to sell quickly, and at the right price.

Sell house quickly, 60 days notice, financial recovery, divorce estateOffer an incentive to buy

You’ll have to offer something that your opponents don’t. You can offer to pay all closing costs up front, or offer a credit to your buyers so they can arrange the property to their liking. You can also offer the property furnished or give away certain toys. We’ve even seen someone offer a boat! However, don’t offer just anything. Choose something that the buyer will want and that won’t be another problem to deal with. Be creative. People are willing to buy a car because they get a free night in a hotel room. Add a touch of creativity that will attract buyers’ attention and make your ad unforgettable!

Pay for renovations

If your buyer starts negotiating with you for certain work, stop it immediately. Make a grand gesture: offer to pay for everything immediately. It’s an effective technique for winning a buyer’s heart and alleviating their concerns about buying the property. Obviously, you’ll want to plan for these costs when deciding how much to advertise your property for.

Home buyer cash, Buy house fast, Sell house without agentAdvertise at the right price

Every price change made to your property will be visible on real estate websites. People have access to historical prices, and these changes can make a bad impression on potential buyers. A drop of a few thousand dollars every two weeks could make people think you’re desperate or that something is wrong with your home. You might think you don’t know the value of your property, or that you’re fishing for a fish that will pay top dollar. This kind of attitude repels buyers. If you’re in favor of lowering your price, do it just once, and with panache. Instead of dropping $2,000, go for $15,000. Such a drop is sure to attract attention, as well as indicating that you really are ready to sell. Such a reduction may be perceived as a rebate. People will think you’re offering a 20% discount.

Choose the right agent

Don’t choose the agent with the loudest voice or the best website. Don’t be fooled by these glittering businessmen. Instead, deal with an agent who can give you real statistics and market reports, and who can make the calculations you need to reach your goals. The agent who tries to impress you with a price that’s too high is probably doing so to compensate for his or her lack of knowledge.

Sell House fast, 60 days notice, financial recoveryTake care of the facade

First impressions count for a lot. Studies have shown that people decide whether or not to make an offer on a house in just a few seconds. A negative first impression sticks to the image of a house, no matter how the rest of the visit unfolds. To avoid losing offers, rake, weed and refresh the flower beds. These little things can make a huge difference in a very short time. Pick up anything that’s lying around and cut back anything that’s overgrown. Plant a few flowers to add color along the parking lot. An inviting front courtyard will immediately put your visitors at ease.

Don’t try to save at all costs

The competition is fierce. If you really want to sell, it’s worth paying for good photos and the help of a home staging professional. Poor-quality photos will make people ignore your ad, without really noticing it. A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why you should hire a professional photographer to showcase your property.

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