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Do you own a vacant lot and want to sell it? If so, you’re probably looking for a Quebec land buyer right now. Although demand is high for real estate with a building, finding a buyer for unused land can be more of a problem. But there’s good news in all this: somewhere out there is a buyer for your land. Read on to discover the best tips for finding
finding buyers in Quebec
for your vacant lot.

Sell House fast, 60 days notice, financial recoveryTip #1. Know what your land can be used for

There are several types of land buyers in Quebec. For example:

  • You may meet people who want to buy your land, build a house on it and live in it.
  • You may meet people who want to buy land for recreational purposes, such as weekend hunting or fishing.
  • You may come across people who want to buy the property and hold on to it until they see a financial interest in running it.
  • You may come across people who want to buy the property for immediate development, or buyers who want to divide it into several small plots of land and then sell them to builders.

Determine what your land can be used for, taking into account the zoning established by the city, and make good use of this knowledge to attract Quebec land buyers to your property.

Tip #2. Forget the agent; sell directly to a Quebec land buyer

A real estate agent might try to advertise your land for sale for you but, let’s face it, a vacant lot doesn’t sell the same way as a developed one. Most agents prefer to concentrate on land that already has a building on it. Some landowners find themselves waiting for long periods of time because their agent simply won’t sell it. If you’ve hired an agent and he or she hasn’t been able to sell your land, or if you want to close without having to wait for someone else to try to sell your property, you can sell your land directly to Quebec land buyers (to a company like ours, Vendre Maison Vite, for example).

Tip #3. Take quality photos

Sell house fast, 60 days notice, financial recovery, estate, divorceNot all Quebec land buyers have the opportunity to travel to your land to see it in person, but they’ll certainly want to know what it looks like and what opportunities are associated with it. That’s why you should take excellent photos of your property , taking care to include shots from every conceivable angle, including the surrounding land. If the surrounding area is already developed, whether it’s a growing urban center or simply a new road, take a photo of these developments for potential buyers to witness.

Tip #4. Consider financing your buyer 

Patience in financing your buyer could pay off.

Some landowners want to be paid upfront in a lump sum because they need to put the money elsewhere quickly. Fortunately, this is not the case for all owners. If you’re looking for a little cash up front, but think you could benefit from a more regular cash flow, consider financing your Quebec land buyer.

Did you know that we buy undeveloped land? To avoid the hard work and hassle of selling land, and to simply sell to Quebec land buyers in one call, call our team now at 514-320-1000 (or click here to fill out our contact form, and we’ll call you back).