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How To Sell Your House Without Any Cost in MontréalWant to sell your home for free in Montreal? In our latest article, we share not only several ways to save, but also to avoid all costs. Read on to learn what we have to offer! 

Buy House Cash, Sell my house fast, Buy house fastIf you’ve advertised a home for sale in Montreal in the past, you know how demanding, time-consuming and costly the process can be. Depending on the type of property they have and their personal situation, home sellers in Montreal face certain fees when they advertise their home for sale on the real estate market. Indeed, advertising often goes hand in hand with renovating, cleaning, promoting and preparing the property for open days and visits.

Sell as is

Whether you choose to sell your home directly to a buyer or advertise it for sale on the Montreal market, if you want to avoid expenses, the property will invariably have to be sold as is. More often than not, this is achieved through a sale to an investor or direct buyer. You can advertise it on the traditional market, but houses in need of renovation don’t always look good in photos. As a result, it could be on the market for quite some time before a buyer shows interest. Most people who browse real estate brokerage sites are looking for a house they can move into immediately, without having to invest time and money to make it habitable. If you can sell your house as is, you could save thousands of dollars! If you sell your property on the traditional market, be prepared to pay around 10% of the sale price in miscellaneous fees.

Finding the right buyer

Not all buyers are ready to take on the work. If your home is in need of renovation, you’ll need to find people who are willing to take care of it. A house that isn’t visually impeccable usually doesn’t sell very well on the market. Photos are the first information potential buyers receive. As a result, a house that’s falling apart won’t be perceived as positively as the turnkey one next door. If you’re selling your home as is, without repairing or modernizing the property, you’ll need a buyer who’s up to the challenge. Montreal investors can help by buying your property outright, saving you the hassle of cancellations. Remember, however, that all investors are different. Some people make offers they can’t keep, while others make offers that are simply unrealistic. Not so for Vendre Maison Vite! If you sell your home directly to our team, you won’t have to pay commissions, renovations or any of the other expenses usually incurred by Montreal homeowners when selling their property. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about the sale being cancelled at the last minute.

Cash home buyer, Buy house fast, Sell my house fastSave

Owners face many costs when advertising their property for sale on the traditional market. Most homes need to be renovated and sometimes modernized in order to be competitive on the market. Some owners also decide to decorate their homes themselves, or hire a home staging professional to make their property more attractive for photos and visits. And then there are the regular expenses that don’t stop just because the house is on the market, like electricity, maintenance and taxes. Then there are the thousands of dollars in commissions and agency fees to be paid once the house is sold. In fact, those who do business with a private individual must first negotiate with him or her between inspection and sale. If the buyer needs to take out a loan, the house must also be priced high enough to be approved. All these expenses add up and end up costing a fortune. Too many sellers leave with far less money in their pockets than they anticipated when they decided to advertise in Montreal. By selling your home quickly and directly to the Vendre Maison Vite team, you’ll avoid all the costs mentioned above. This means you can sell without  incurring any costs.

Conclude quickly

If you can find a buyer who can close the sale quickly, you could save thousands of dollars. Owning your own home is expensive. All investors who flip real estate will tell you that the longer you keep a property, the more it costs. If you advertise your home for sale on the market, selling could take several months. But if you sell directly and quickly to a qualified buyer, without an agent or creditor, you can detach yourself from your property and all the costs that come with it without further delay. You won’t have to pay taxes, insurance, Hydro bills or maintenance fees.

Buy House Cash, Buy house fast, Sell my house fast,If you do business with our team, you won’t need to pay for work, cleaning, promotion and many other carrying costs. You’ll be able to close quickly and walk away with cash in your pocket. You’ll be able to put an end to all carrying costs immediately, and get rid of the problems caused by your unwanted home in Montreal.

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