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Sell House fast, 60 days notice, financial recoverySelling an income property doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time. Read our latest article to find out how!

Advertising a Montreal home for sale on the traditional market isn’t always the best way to sell. From the cost of renovations to the payment of commissions, not to mention the cost of waiting, selling with the help of an agent can be very expensive indeed. Below we describe a few sales methods that will help you get the best possible price, as quickly as possible.

Sell your home yourself

If you sell your home yourself, you won’t have to pay commissions to your agent. On the other hand, you’ll still have to pay to promote your property and close. You’ll probably spend several hours a week screening calls, answering questions and making appointments to show your revenue property. You’ll also have to pay to renovate, advertise and maintain the property for as long as you own it. Statistics show that it takes longer to sell a house yourself than with an agent. This means additional monthly possession payments. By selling yourself, you avoid having to pay commissions to your agent, but nothing more. Everything else, from promotion to contract writing, is your responsibility.

Sell house fast, 60 days notice, estate, divorce, financial recoverySell directly to a professional

There are many advantages to doing business with a team of home-buying professionals like Vendre Maison Vite. You’ll be able to sell quickly. You’ll be able to move out quickly and end your ownership responsibilities. You won’t have to pay for property maintenance. You also won’t have to worry about taxes, electricity bills, property insurance and other carrying costs. You won’t have to spend a penny on renovations or property maintenance. The practicality of this method will enable you to sell quickly, then redirect your profits to a new source of investment without delay. Many investors choose to sell their properties to other investors. This often happens because they both know very well what the property is worth. When selling to an investor, there’s no baloney, everything is done in a straightforward manner, and both parties benefit from the sale.

If you choose to advertise on the market…

Don’t worry about the renovations

If you decide to advertise your property for sale, you can save money by choosing to limit yourself to doing only the work that is strictly necessary. If the house needs modernizing, or if it looks old-fashioned, leave that to the next occupants. You could offer a credit or other incentive to encourage potential buyers to give your property a chance. In fact, many buyers welcome the chance to renovate a property to their own specifications. Imagine you’ve invested a significant amount of money to renovate the kitchen, only to learn that one of the decisions you made regarding the new decor has led a potential buyer to let it go… Everyone has different tastes. Give your potential buyers the chance to incorporate their own tastes into the property; this will help you sell.

Home buyer cash, Buy house fast, Sell house without agentChoose the right selling price

If you decide to advertise your Montreal property for sale, make sure you set the right selling price for it. Too often, people advertise a house for sale at too high a price simply because they don’t know its true value. Many agents will dangle even higher prices in order to convince you to sell. If the price at which your home is advertised is inadequate, it will remain on the market for a long time and lose its appeal to potential buyers. Indeed, many buyers, when they see that your home has been advertised for a long time, will say to themselves that there must be a good reason why nobody wanted to buy it. Take the time to find out what your home is really worth before trying to sell it. That way, you can act on reasonable expectations, and won’t be disappointed when you receive offers you think are too low. Our team can help you determine the true value of your property and make you an offer on it right away!

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