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5 Tips For Selling Your Vacant Land In Montréal

Selling your vacant lot in Montreal could be more advantageous than keeping it and waiting for it to appreciate in value. While it’s true that land doesn’t require much maintenance, it’s also true that it doesn’t always appreciate in value as quickly as we’d like. In our latest article, we offer a few tips to help you sell your vacant lot in Montreal and receive a good sum of money for it!

Buying land is a fairly straightforward real estate investment. When you compare owning land to owning a house, there’s really very little maintenance or expense involved. For this reason, many investors will hold on to land that isn’t really being used. However, the money you would raise by selling your Montreal land could be put to much better use. You could invest elsewhere, pay off an old debt or help your child with an education savings plan. Here are a few tips to help you sell your vacant lot quickly and at a good price in Montreal!

Put your house in order

Unlike a house, land doesn’t need long maintenance. You won’t have to repair anything. You also won’t have to do any modernization work before advertising your property for sale. However, if you want to sell a vacant lot in Montreal, there are a few things you’ll need to do to make it more attractive to potential buyers. If there are old foundations, a buried tank or any other type of structure on your lot, it might be worthwhile to have them removed before selling, if it’s not too expensive. The leftovers and forgotten buildings are not only terribly ugly, they’re also disturbing enough to convince someone who wants to build without waiting to look elsewhere.

Remove trees and shrubs that could prevent the construction of new buildings or are visually uninteresting. You could even plant a few flowers or a tree in a more appropriate spot. But don’t forget that everyone has their own tastes. As a result, we advise you to make just a few small changes and concentrate on keeping everything clean and consistent.

60 days notice, Buy House Cash, Sell house fastShow it off

Give your buyers an idea of what could be done with the land. You could go so far as to create diagrams to show where houses or other buildings might be located, depending on the zoning of your land. You could even add your financial projections. This way, your buyers will immediately know what they stand to gain from buying your land. If you give them your vision and provide visual support, buyers looking for this kind of investment opportunity will be even more interested in your land.

Signal borders

If someone asks to see your land in person, marking your property to indicate its boundaries could be an excellent idea. This will give your potential buyer a clearer idea of what can be found in the field. Imagining the potential of a place can be difficult when the boundaries are not clearly defined. If you’re not sure exactly where your property begins and ends, you can hire a land surveyor or contact your municipality. These people should be able to provide you with maps delineating your property and those of your neighbors in Montreal.

60 days notice, Buy House Cash, Sell house fast

Be ready to respond

To sell a vacant lot in Montreal, you first need to understand the zoning. You’ll most likely need to know what types of soils you have, what plants and animals are protected in your area, and what restrictions might prevent your buyer from building what he or she wants after purchasing your land in Montreal. Under no circumstances would you want to give your buyer the wrong information, or see a sale slip through your fingers because you couldn’t answer a question quickly enough. What’s more, just like when you sell a house, you have to declare everything you know about the land before selling it in Montreal.

Team up with a professional

Home buyer cash, Buy house fast, Sell house without agentTeaming up with a Montreal professional is a great way to sell a Montreal property without having to wait for a buyer or wonder how much we’ll be offered. You won’t need to clean your soil, do research or wait any longer than necessary. If you sell your land directly to the Vendre Maison Vite team, you’ll be able to close a sale in just a few days. What’s more, we always make honest and fair offers. Imagine selling a piece of land that isn’t being used for much right away and redirecting the money to a new project that will make you more money!

Thinking of selling your vacant lot in Montreal? Before you call a real estate agent or try to advertise your property for sale on your own, find out more about the direct sales process and learn what such a sale could do for you! Our process is fair and could benefit you more than you think!

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