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Selling on the traditional market is not ideal for all Montreal properties. Some homes and situations benefit much more from a quick, direct sale! Find out which option is best suited to your needs by reading our latest article!

Direct sales are an option not always considered by Montreal owners. Yet it’s an excellent option. With expensive commissions and no guarantee of when a sale will close, advertising a home for sale on the traditional market is a pretty bold gamble. Here are five signs that a direct sale may be a better option for you in Montreal.

#1 – You need to sell by a certain date

If you need to sell before a certain date, or if you need to sell as quickly as possible, dealing with a real estate agent in Montreal is probably not the best thing to do. Finding a buyer on the traditional market can take several months. Some people end up realizing that their home won’t sell, and are forced to accept a lower purchase offer when they still have a lot of commissions to pay their agent. If you choose to sell your Montreal home directly to the Vendre Maison Vite team, you’ll receive an offer right away, and you’ll be able to close in just a few days. So you won’t have to wait weeks or months before selling. We’ll work together to find a closing date that suits your needs!

Cash home buyer, Buy house fast, Sell my house fast#2 –  You’ve found another property you’d like to buy

If you’ve found another property you’d like to buy, but you’re only able to purchase it if your current property is sold, selling outright could be to your advantage. In fact, a direct sale will enable you to sell quickly, with nothing to hold you back. So you don’t run the risk of losing the chance to buy the property of your dreams. You can do the math yourself once you’ve received an offer for your Montreal property!

#3 – You don’t want to spend before you sell

Advertising a home for sale with a Montreal real estate agent usually comes with a few expenses to make before selling. Indeed, if you’re selling the traditional way, you’ll need to clean and renovate the house, as well as making it presentable to potential buyers. On top of this, there are often a few unforeseen expenses to improve promotion, home staging and professional photography. Worst of all, sometimes a homeowner spends all that money before even moving forward, only to discover that his property isn’t selling and he has to lower his price. In the end, all the effort and expense involved in advertising a home on the traditional Montreal real estate market isn’t always worth it.

#4 – You don’t want to deal with housework and visits

It’s not always easy to invite people into your home to visit. If you want to sell your home quickly on the traditional market, you’ll need to make your property shine. To do this, you’ll need to keep your home extremely clean and ready to receive unexpected visitors. When you advertise a property for sale, there are always people who stop in their tracks and ask to visit at the last minute, and it would be a real shame to turn visitors away because the house is a mess.

60 days notice, Buy House Cash, Sell house fast#5 – You don’t want to have to pay expensive commissions to an agent

Let’s be frank. Some agents are excellent and, when they have the right property in their hands, work small miracles. On the other hand, paying 6% of the selling price in commission to help with the sales process isn’t always worth it. If you avoid paying commissions to an agent (and all the other costs associated with selling on the traditional market), you’ll manage to keep several thousand dollars in your pocket.

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Avoid detours; sell directly!

The other way to sell your Montreal home

The Vendre Maison Vite team’s mission is to democratize access to real estate knowledge; we want everyone to know what options are available to them. You don’t have to clean, renovate and rethink every detail of the house in order to sell it. If you sell your home directly to the Vendre Maison Vite team, you won’t have to pay any fees, you won’t waste any time and you won’t have to deal with any paperwork.

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