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You’ve decided it’s time to sell. So, should you hire an agent to sell your home in Montreal, Quebec? Do you want to pay large sums in commissions? Are you prepared to wait several months for an offer? How long will it take to close the sale? What work will you have to do? How does your home look when you leave in the morning? Are you available to show your property if you receive less than 24 hours’ notice? 

Fast homebuyer, Sell your home without an agent, Cash homebuyerCommissions and sales-related costs

An agent’s salary is based on the price at which a house is sold. If you don’t use an agent, you won’t have to pay any commission to your agent or your buyer’s agent. That’s thousands of dollars you could be saving! Normally, commission rates are around 3% per agent. So if you sell for $400,000, you’ll have to pay out $24,000 in commissions alone! Then there will be closing costs and possibly other transaction fees. On the other hand, real estate investors don’t usually charge commissions or transaction fees, and if they do, these costs will be quite low compared to those otherwise charged by an agent. 

Waiting time

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All real estate agents have access to several online ad sites. These sites allow buyers to search for certain features, and then see a list of properties displayed. It’s ideal, isn’t it? But how long will you have to wait before someone finds yours? When will you receive an offer? Real estate investors and other direct homebuyers usually have a network of buyers. So if your property doesn’t meet a buyer’s needs, he or she can refer you to one of his or her colleagues. In any case, this means you’ll only have to wait a very short time before receiving an offer. In fact, when we sell a house to a direct buyer from Montreal, Quebec, the buyer normally pays cash. To sell on the traditional market, the buyer has to qualify for a bank loan, a contract has to be drawn up by the creditor, the property has to be inspected… and all this with no guarantee that the buyer will be able to close. None of this is necessary when selling to a cash home buyer.

Inspections and work

Quebec home buying professionals usually buy properties as they are. This means that you, as the seller, won’t need to repair or renovate before selling. And you won’t have to worry about any surprise charges along the way. Some companies also don’t require the property to be inspected, making the transaction a true “as-is” sale. If you go through a real estate agent to sell, it’s almost certain that your buyer’s agent will ask for your property to be inspected. If the inspector finds something wrong, your buyer may ask you to take care of the work (and pay for it) before closing.

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If you decide to sell to a home-buying professional in Montreal, Quebec, you’ll save yourself a roller-coaster ride of emotions. In fact, you won’t receive any disturbing calls in the middle of dinner from someone asking if you’re available to show the house. Nor will you have to worry about the state you leave the house in every morning when you leave for work just in case there’s a visitor while you’re away. You don’t run the risk of coming face-to-face with a buyer or his agent while you’re shopping, and having to answer questions you don’t really know the answers to. Finally, you won’t have to negotiate to keep or leave certain furniture or appliances. 

There are many things to think about when selling your home. We can help you find the route that best suits your needs.

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