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sell your house when relocating in Montréal

Looking for information about the real estate market in Montreal, Quebec before relocating? When you need to sell as quickly as possible, the sales process can be quite confusing. Moving into a new home is no mean feat! You’ve decided to move to the region, and maybe you’ve even found a job there. All set. Except you’re not sure how to go about selling your home.

In this article, we present a few methods for finding as many potential buyers as possible and getting them to visit your home. We’ll also give you some tips on how to get in touch with the right people to close a sale, and suggest some ways to ensure a smooth transition.

Selling your home when relocating to Montreal:
How to find potential buyers

sell house fastFirst, before you invest in selling your Montreal home, you’ll need to find potential buyers. Knowing how to get in touch with the people who will actually be interested in your property is super important as it allows you to present it to the most appropriate audience. Here are just a few of the ways you can get in touch with your potential buyers.

  1. Look at real estate ads. To find the most interested buyers, take a look at our real estate ads. People advertise to sell as well as to buy a property. As a result, you’re likely to find several potential buyers by consulting them. You could, for example, look at which properties are advertised for sale, and then see if you can find their number or e-mail address. People selling their homes in your area may be looking for a property like yours.
  2. Check out our classified ads. People looking for a property sometimes publish a classified ad. They often start their adverts with the word “Search”, followed by a description of the type of property required. If you see someone who seems to be looking for a property similar to yours, give them a call and see if you can work something out.
  3. Go to social networks and real estate websites. From cosmetics to real estate, social networks make a huge contribution to all areas of business, from marketing to shopping. You could reach buyers by posting a simple photo of your home on your social networks.

How to show your home to potential buyers

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Before inviting a potential buyer to visit your Montreal home, make sure it’s in tip-top shape. Here are a few suggestions to ensure that your property is in the best possible condition to facilitate its sale:

1. Clean, dust and sweep before inviting people to your home.

2. Get rid of superfluous items that personalize your home, such as photos and personal objects.

3. Limit distractions. When you’re cleaning the house, make sure you keep visible objects to a minimum so that the visitor’s eye isn’t distracted by stuff lying around. The focus should be on the room, not the objects and decorations in it.

Don’t take the sale for granted

We sometimes take it for granted that a sale will be concluded, but a sale is only concluded when a contract is signed. Avoid implicit status if you’re not absolutely certain that the person you’re dealing with is ready to buy. Pretending to be able to convince someone to buy your house could mean losing an opportunity to sell, and even making you look desperate.

Don’t ignore potential buyers’ objections

One of the mistakes too often made by sellers is ignoring the objections of potential buyers. Answer only the questions you are asked. If you think you’re close to closing, ask your visitors if they have any further questions, and then answer them as best you can, with complete transparency.

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