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4 Ways Selling Your House Now in Montréal Will Save You Money

Are you a seller wondering whether you should hire an agent or sell yourself? It could be the most important decision of your life. Selling to a professional buyer is an option that could save you thousands of dollars! Advertisements on the traditional market involve a closing date that is impossible to predict, legal risks that are impossible to avoid, and substantial payments that need to be made. When you have to make an important decision, you need to be well prepared for what’s coming. This is especially true when the consequences of lack of knowledge include severe debt. Here are the 4 ways you can save
by selling your Montreal
your Montreal home now!

Selling your home as is

Suffering additional financial losses while selling your home is the last thing you need. If your home is old or has serious problems, this is even more likely to happen to you. When a house is advertised for sale on the traditional market, the owner is responsible for renovating it. Even if you advertise your property for sale as is, advertising with an agent or yourself opens up the possibility of unpleasant surprises following the inspection. The price may vary depending on the problems discovered, but we’re talking about thousands of dollars that you may have to pay for your contractors and the work they do. What’s more, certain legal risks will be involved in the declarations you make to your buyer. All these costs must be deducted from the sale price offered. This can not only be demoralizing, it can also destroy all the plans you had made with so much love. By doing business with a professional buyer instead, you can rely on the price you’re offered as being safe. You’ll also be able to save yourself a lot of headaches, and keep your money in your pocket rather than putting it on jobs. If you sell to a professional buyer, you’ll be able to leave quickly and without a trace, and that’s one of the ways you can save by selling your Montreal home now.

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Promotional expenses

Whether you’re thinking of selling your home yourself or using an agent, you can’t avoid it: you’ll have to promote your property. No matter who’s in charge of planning the promotion, you’ll certainly be the one who has to pay. If you have the budget, you could hire a professional photographer to take 360-degree panoramic photos and use a system that allows you to take virtual tours using a drone. Today, these are the basic services you need to offer to sell successfully. Most agents now include expenses for home staging and other small jobs in their promotion plans, since they can make your interior and exterior look like the cover of a magazine. This includes painting, renovations and property upgrades to meet the needs of your potential buyers. In the same vein, you’ll certainly have to pay to be published on certain real estate websites and stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, you can avoid all these costs by selling your Montreal home now.

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Closing costs

Once you’ve finally succeeded in finding a buyer, you’ll be able to collect your long-awaited profits (although they may be very small, given the state of the modern real estate market). You can avoid the notorious closing costs and save money by selling your home now in Montreal. The most important part of these fees is in fact the commission to be paid if you have hired an agent. Title insurance, which protects the buyer against real estate title problems, must also be paid for by the seller in most cases. Of course, you’ll also have to pay a certain amount for property transfer fees, registration fees and property taxes as described in your contract and depending on when you sell in the month. Some fees will also be charged by your buyer’s creditor, and discounts on transaction and transfer fees may be available if you take the time to store around.

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Cost of ownership

Whether it’s related to a financial recovery or other circumstances, a due date with the potential to generate catastrophe in your personal finances can cause a lot of anxiety. If you’ve found yourself obliged to move into your new home before you’ve sold your house, you probably have two properties to maintain and pay for right now. When advertising a home for sale on the traditional market, the contract to be signed may contain certain conditions, such as waiting until the buyer’s home has been sold before closing the deal. If you are in this situation, the sale of your property is not guaranteed. All too often, inexperienced buyers walk away from a purchase agreement several weeks after committing to it, only to discover that they won’t be able to get a mortgage from their bank. By dealing with a professional buyer, you won’t have to endure the stress that everyone goes through while waiting for the sale to officially close. Having an early, guaranteed closing date when you sell your Montreal home will save you money.

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