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If you’re wondering about selling your home during a divorce in Montreal, in this article we’ll dive into the steps to follow and the points to watch out for.

With over 50% of Quebec marriages ending in divorce, it’s clear that many Montreal real estate owners In divorceare looking to sell their home, or for advice on selling a home during a divorce.

A house is one of the most valuable shared assets, and obviously cannot be divided without first being sold. Although a divorce is one of the most stressful and emotionally-charged moments of a lifetime, it’s important to remain rational. There are a number of factors to consider when faced with a divorce in a real estate market that hasn’t had time to regain its footing following the bursting of the real estate bubble.

Determine if (and when) you will sell your home during your divorce in Montreal

In many cases of divorce, one of the spouses will keep the house by buying out the outgoing spouse’s share.

In many cases, agreements are made whereby one of the spouses will use the house for a specific period (often for the children), then sell it at a certain date (when the children reach a certain age).

Get professional help – Agents and homebuyers/investors

Selling a home is a difficult process when everything is going well.

60-day notice, exercise notice, financial recoveryWhen you’re going through a divorce, you’re overwhelmed and have a lot to think about. You shouldn’t sell your home yourself. You may have disagreements with your spouse about the sale price or other issues. By working with a real estate professional, either a reputable agent or an investment company, you’ll have access to a neutral third party who can help you determine an appropriate selling price and handle the marketing of your home.

If you need to sell your Montreal home fast

If you need to sell your home quickly… reputable local investment companies like Solution Capital can be a great option. Companies like ours BUY HOUSES (rather than advertising them as agents do) and we pay cash. What’s more, we can close quickly if you need to sell your home fast.

If you can wait as long as it takes to list it with an agent and sell it on the regular market, working with a real estate agent is probably your best option.

But if you can’t wait the 3 to 9 months it sometimes takes to sell a home in the Montreal market… talk to us about what we can offer you for your home during your divorce.

Set (and stick to) deadlines

divorce, sell your house quicklyIt’s important, when selling your Montreal home  during a divorce, to follow a plan.

You should put your house up for sale in advance. Set a specific closing date, move-out dates and times, and choose which spouse will handle the sale (or who will speak to the real estate agent). Make sure each of these agreements is in writing and establish sanctions in case of violation.

This will help you sell your home smoothly and without surprises.

Sell your home quickly with an honest cash offer

In recent years, many divorcing couples have turned to a quick solution: selling to a real estate investor such as Vendre Maison Vite.

Reputable real estate investors like us are buying up local homes fast. The Sell House fast, 60 days notice, financial recoveryprocedure is stress-free and can take as little as 7 days.

The decision to sell the marital home in Montreal doesn’t have to be as stressful as the divorce itself.

By protecting each party with a qualified real estate agent, or jointly deciding to sell quickly to a real estate investment company like Vendre Maison Vite, and moving the process along quickly according to an agreed timetable, all parties can enjoy a stress-free sale.

If you’d like to discuss your divorce situation and see if we can help you save time, reduce stress and get out of the situation quickly…

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