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If you’re looking to sell your Montreal home in a seller’s market, you’re probably expecting to receive an offer very soon. But once you’ve received it, what are you going to do? In this article, you’ll find out how to prepare yourself to receive a purchase offer in a seller’s market at Montreal…

Are these companies reliable? The question arises...In a seller’s market, you’re almost certain to receive an offer quickly. But what do you do when you receive one? Do we accept or negotiate? What’s the best approach?

When it comes to evaluating an offer in a seller’s market, you have to be ready. Here’s how to prepare yourself to receive an offer to purchase in a seller’s market in Montreal.

How to prepare for an offer to purchase in a seller’s market in Montreal

First, determine what criteria you want to see in an offer.

Think about what really matters to you. You might, for example, want to sell quickly, or sell at the best price. It’s true, they’re both very important, but one of them is certainly more important than the other, and that’s what you need to determine.

Secondly, ask yourself what your minimum selling price is.

In a seller’s market, you’re likely to receive an offer higher than the minimum acceptable, but sometimes a homeowner inadvertently overestimates the value of their home. That’s why it’s important to ask yourself what is the minimum selling price you could accept. In most cases, we receive an offer somewhere between the minimum selling price and the ideal price.

Third, set a possession date and ask yourself how flexible you are.

Prepare For The Home Buying Offer In A Seller's MarketMaybe you want to move immediately, but you could potentially receive a more attractive offer if you don’t insist on a specific move-in date.

Fourth, don’t forget that you are a salesman after all.

Seller’s market or not, don’t forget that, in the end, it’s the buyer who owns the money and can decide to go elsewhere at any time. Establish which terms and conditions are indisputable and which are negotiable. This way, if a buyer has the budget he’s looking for and is ready to close on your dates, you’ll be able to accommodate all his other needs.

In brief

In a seller’s market, the seller often has the advantage. However, there are times when you want to sell right away rather than advertise your home, clean it from top to bottom and wait to see what buyers will be willing to offer.

That’s why, at Vendre Maison Vite, we offer a home-buying service. We’ll make you a cash offer for your Quebec home. Simply call us at 514-320-1000 or click here and fill out our form, and we’ll get back to you.