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How they sold their house fast

Hey! Hi everyone, Olivier with you.

I’ve come to visit a house that’s just finished being renovated, it’s beautiful and clean. That’s why it’s so echo-y, because there’s no furniture in the house yet. It’s just been completed! It’s beautiful now, but it didn’t look like that when I arrived, so I’ll explain the story a little here. It’s a small semi-detached, where two people lived, a brother and a sister, who had inherited the house from their parents and had never renovated it. The roof was leaking. It was still on the table. There were boxes everywhere. It was excessively crowded. It was hard to put on the market. It wasn’t easy to sell and they were starting to have trouble, health problems, difficulty walking and breathing, also because he was always smoking inside and it wasn’t very clean. So it was difficult for them to put the property up for sale in the normal way, to have a broker and viewings and all that.

They weren’t very proud, so they had a hard time selling their house quickly. Honestly, it wasn’t easy. So they called me. What did we do together? I went around the house. It really wasn’t complicated at all. It’s super simple the way we work. I did an appraisal of the house, I had made an offer, and then I told them: “Madam, Sir, you can move the day you want”.

I met them around March. Then we finalized the deal in July. So it gave them plenty of time to find something to relocate to. Each of them rented their own apartment. They were quiet. They had peace. They were no longer in each other’s way. It was great for them. They were able to sell their house quickly and hassle-free. Peace of mind the minute you sign the offer. I followed up with them, explaining exactly what it would take to get to each stage? I bought the house “as is”. Even though he really had a lot of work to do, it was still on the table. There were holes in the walls, an old dilapidated kitchen, broken windows. There was even an oil stain in the basement. There were a lot of problems, but it didn’t matter because for me, that’s the kind of challenge I’m looking for. If you’ve got a house like that, if you’ve got a house that needs love, you’ve got a house that needs a lot of work. You don’t necessarily want to break your neck at the end when you don’t have the budget to do the work and you still want to sell your house quickly. You want to move on, have already found another house or already have an idea where you’re going. You just want to sell the house quickly. It’s so simple. Call me, I’ll make an offer, then we’ll settle this quickly. Follow in the footsteps of hundreds of other owners who have done business with me over the past ten years. Then we’ll take care of the situation and make you a quick offer. Then we can notarize the day you want.

Click on the link below. Send us your information on the form. Then we’ll call you. We’ll schedule a visit. We’ll explain exactly how it works. But really, it’s a simple, step 1 evaluation, step 2 offer. Then you decide if it’s right for you. No obligation, no commitment, absolutely no listing contract. I’ll come over, visit with you, discuss the situation, make you an offer and then you decide if it works for you.

It’s as simple as that.

Fill in the form via the link below. Enter your details. Then we discuss it.

See you later.