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Sometimes you need to sell quickly. Other times, it doesn’t matter. If you’re pressed for time and wondering, “How long will it take to sell my house? Is it faster with an agent or with an investor?”, this blog post will enlighten you…

You want to sell your house, and maybe you need to sell fast. So you’ve found this blog and you’re reading it in the hope of finding a way to sell as fast as YOU want.Sell House fast, 60 days notice, financial recovery

But before finding the answers to your questions, you should know the difference between an agent and an investor…

When you sell your house with an agent, you ask the agent to represent you and find a buyer for you. In other words, you sell to a buyer THROUGH an agent.

When you sell your home with an investor, you’re working directly with the person who’s going to buy the house. In other words, we sell to an investor (he’s the buyer).

Now that you know the difference, here’s how long it can take…

How long does it take to sell my house? – Agent VS Investor

The agent…

An agent must show your home to potential buyers and try to convince them to buy. That’s why they will first make sure that the property is perfect, and then they will try to show your home to as many potential buyers as possible.Sell House fast, 60 days notice, financial recovery

So it can take weeks, even months, to renovate your home before an agent agrees to advertise. And once an agent announces it, it can take months before he finds buyers interested in seeing your home and one of them makes you an offer (on average, it takes 3 to 6 months… and sometimes even up to 12 months before that happens). What people don’t realize is that if the buyer can’t take out a mortgage, or if he’s hesitant, he can pull out. You’ll have to start the process all over again.

So it can take months to sell your house through an agent. It all depends on how quickly you can get your home in good condition, how quickly your agent can find a buyer, and how interested the buyer is in actually buying your home.

How long does it take to sell my house? – Agent VS Investor

The investor…

This section surprises most people; an investor can buy your home very quickly. Sell House fast, 60 days notice, financial recoverySome investors can buy in as little as 7 days if that’s what you want. This is possible because the investor is the buyer (so there’s no need to visit) and also because many investors (including those from Vendre Maison Vite) buy homes in any condition (so there’s no need to renovate either).

So, should you sell through an agent or directly to an investor? It’s up to you. An investor acts faster, so if speed is an important variable for you, you’ll certainly consider selling to an investor.

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