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If you want to sell your home or income property in Montreal without going through a real estate agent, we can help.

Although it’s sometimes necessary to deal with a broker, it’s sometimes preferable not to have to pay one just to be sandwiched between the buyers and the broker.

After all, putting five or six percent of the amount received for the sale of a property into commissions is a big expense. In some cases, real estate brokers and agents in Quebec City can be a great help, and they richly deserve their commission. But that’s not always the case.

How can I sell my home without an agent in Montreal?

There are a few ways to avoid paying high commissions when selling a property in Quebec City.

First and foremost, you should be aware of a widespread custom in the real estate market.

If your sale proceeds in the same way as the majority of sales in Montreal, approximately 50% of the fees you pay as a seller will be remitted to your buyer’s broker.

Do you think it makes sense?

Why should you pay someone else’s agent?

It defies logic; it’s simply tradition.

There are a few ways you can use this information to your advantage.

First, find out what commissions have been paid on sales comparable to yours. If properties similar to yours have all sold at a price that includes commissions, take that into consideration.

Don’t advertise your property at too low a price. A smart buyer will expect to be able to negotiate the advertised price downwards. If you do an agent’s job, you can save money.

A buyer who is not represented by an agent in Montreal may forget that he is entitled to ask for a discount to compensate for the agent’s commission. If this is the case with your buyer, and you don’t want to pay this fee, don’t remind them. However, don’t be surprised if your buyer discusses this with you.

 You might want to offer something like 2.5% to the agent who brings the buyer to your home and shows him your property. It’s a lot of money, it’s true. However, by including this commission in your selling price, you can always negotiate downwards if a buyer without an agent comes your way.

Remember, if you don’t keep a certain amount of leeway in predicting an agent’s payment, you’re turning away the majority of Montreal buyers.

sell house fastMore than 90% of real estate transactions are generated by the use of a real estate agency website. In the past, it was necessary to pay a full commission to an agent in order to have your home advertised on one of these sites. These days, there are brokers in Montreal who accept to advertise a house on their site for a small fee. In most cases, all you have to do is pay a few hundred dollars, then a commission if, and only if, the sale is closed thanks to this ad.

Compared to newspaper ads, Web ads are inexpensive. What’s more, they enable us to reach a much wider audience.

It’s also possible to pay to advertise your home on ad sites. The latter offer visibility packages that put your ad right at the top of the list. They also offer other upgrades with extravagant features that may (or may not) catch the eye of some buyers.

Advertising is always a gamble. Sometimes, an open house in Montreal, Quebec can be the key to successfully selling a property. Other times, it’s just a waste of time. The same reasoning applies to neat signs and ads in newspapers or on Kijiji: sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

To sell your property on your own, you’ll need to promote it.

Handing out flyers and putting up posters in your neighborhood may encourage a few potential buyers to give you a call. There are also a ton of free websites where you can post your ads. However, handing out flyers and holding an open house won’t be enough if your home isn’t intuitively appealing to the average buyer.

In theory, it’s because they themselves spend a large amount of money on promotion that real estate agents can afford to demand such high commissions. Since they advertise several properties at once, they receive more calls. So it’s by selling lots of houses that they can make big profits.

Some properties need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising before they find THE right buyer.

If you don’t want to pay commissions, you can also sell your CASH home to an investment company like ours.

Cash home buyerWe always pay a fair price when we buy a property. What’s more, we’re able to wrap things up quickly. (We can wrap it up in as little as 3, if that’s what you need).

Sometimes we buy a property in Montreal, renovate it and then rent it out. Sometimes we renovate it, then sell it to a new owner who wants to move to the area. Sometimes things are different. What we love most of all is being in contact with people like you who are wondering when and how to sell their home, no matter where they are in Quebec.

We’re investors, and we care deeply about the city of Montreal.

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