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Thinking of selling? You may be wondering which is the best sales method in Montreal: direct sales or sales with an agent?how to sell your house fast These two sales methods don’t require the same time to close a sale, and they don’t generate the same financial pressures or results. Have your financial situation and real estate needs been turned upside down by recent events you hadn’t anticipated? This article will help you determine which option is best suited to YOUR needs.


Are you ready to make yourself and all the other residents of your property invisible, and to constantly go behind everyone else in order to keep your home in pristine condition? No matter how motivated you are to sell your Montreal home, no one is enthusiastic about rushing to clean everything up to please strangers after a long day at work. What’s more, visitors may fall in love with your interior design and ask you to leave them some of the furniture you hold so dear, otherwise they won’t buy the property. In addition to dealing with your agent, you’ll have to deal with the agents hired by the buyers. They’ll show your home to their customers, and it’s highly likely that they’ll call you to make an appointment when you’d planned to spend one of those precious moments with your family. 

If you don’t want to be bothered with all these little inconveniences, you’d certainly be happier opting for a direct sale instead; then you won’t have to constantly worry about appearances, or home staging. And you won’t have to store your prized possessions just to prevent a buyer from including them in the purchase.

Considerable expenditure

The expenses required to make the interior and exterior of your Montreal property more attractive will add up to the costs required by your real estate agent. You’ll need to carry out any remaining renovations. If you don’t pass the inspection, which is more common than you’d think, you’ll have to spend even more money on renovations to make the property eligible for a mortgage. Don’t forget that you’ll probably have to redo the exterior facade, and that you’ll most likely be suggested to invest in home staging. You may even be asked to cover the cost of taking professional photos and promoting the property.

By dealing directly with a buyer, you won’t have to worry about expenses related to façade improvements or renovations. In fact, regardless of the current condition of your Montreal property, you simply won’t have to worry about appearances if you opt for a direct sale. 

Professional salaries

Real estate agents take a commission on top of the fees they ask you to pay. Buyers’ agents almost always require a home inspection, and you’ll have to pay for it! You’ll also have to pay for the appraisal and notary fees. These small amounts add up to everything you’ve already had to invest to sell your Montreal home. 

Direct sales generally involve no commission, inspection or renovation. If you opt for a direct sale, you won’t even have to pay to have your property cleaned or to improve its appearance!


If you sell your Montreal home with the help of a real estate agent, you won’t know when you’re going to sell. In addition to not knowing when a buyer will find you, you could be surprised by additional delays caused, for example, by a loan refusal by the bank or a failed inspection. 

One of the main advantages of selling your Montreal property  directly to a qualified buyer is that you’ll sell quickly and won’t have to deal with any unforeseen delays. Sell House fast, 60 days notice, financial recovery

If you have any questions or concerns about the best way to sell your home, call Vendre Maison Vite today or send a message to our team. We’ll sit down with you to help you decide whether to sell your Montreal home directly or with an agent. 514-320-1000