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Cash For Houses - How To Sell Your House Fast For Cash In MontréalThe need to sell can happen for any number of reasons: divorce, relocation for work, job loss, or mortgage payments that are too hard to manage. Whatever the reason, you now need to sell your home fast for cash in Montreal.

So it’s in your best interest to find people whose goal is to buy a home for cash (not “buyers” who take up all your time without ever signing a contract), lure them to your home, and then close a sale with one of them. Understanding the selling process and how to prepare your home for sale will certainly help.

How to sell your home fast for sell house fast, home buyer cashcash in Montreal

Title deeds

Once they’ve unearthed an attractive property, cash home buyers usually want to make sure that a purchase and sale agreement has been drawn up. Then they do a little research to check that the title deeds are in order and that there are no legal mortgages or encumbrances imposed on the property. Finally, they want to know what type of notarial deed the seller wishes to use. For example, it could include a waiver clause, a warranty or a special guarantee.

The offer

If everything is in order, the cash home buyer will make you an offer. A buyer who offers to pay in cash has greater bargaining power, since the sale is not dependent on a loan from a third party, and therefore does not involve long waiting periods. You can always make a counter-offer if you don’t like what’s on offer.


If the offer is accepted, the person buying the house will certainly want to have it inspected and, possibly, appraised to ensure that there are no major defects and that he or she will get good value for money.

The fence

Since we’re talking about a cash transaction, you and your buyer will have the opportunity to select a closing date that’s convenient for both of you. The sale can be completed much more quickly than a sale involving a traditional loan. All you have to do is show up at a notary’s office with your pencil and cheque book.

Here are a few things to do before you try to sell your home for cash. 

Set a priceSell House fast, 60 days notice, financial recovery

Setting the right price is probably the single most important thing you can do to sell quickly for cash. In fact, it’s information that catches buyers’ eyes right from the start. If you advertise your property at too low a price, buyers will think there’s something wrong. If, on the other hand, your price is too high, your property could remain on the market for a long period of time without attracting the slightest interest. In short, it’s well worth comparing the value of similar properties in the neighborhood and setting your price according to the current market.

Sell House fast, 60 days notice, financial recoveryArrange the front

The façade itself is the most important first impression. It’s what makes people stop on their way in and decide to enter your home. The time and money invested in fine-tuning your garden and landscaping won’t go to waste. And it doesn’t have to be complicated! A well-kept lawn, some landscaping, minor roof repairs, a touch of paint, new curtains, and you’re all set!

Consider the little extras

Offering little extras always attracts buyers. The principle of reciprocity has proved its worth; people are willing to give more (sales price) if they feel they’re getting something in return (extras). You could, for example, pay some or all of the closing costs. You could also offer a transferable warranty on certain appliances and/or the central air-conditioning system.

If you need to sell your home fast and are looking for someone to buy it, these tips should help you close a cash sale quickly. However, to receive an even higher cash offer and speed up the sales process, you could do even better…

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