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6 Ways Working With A Professional Home Buyer Will Save Your Money in Montréal

Working with a professional buyer to sell a home in Montreal can save you a lot of money. Don’t discredit direct selling until you’ve learned what it can do for you! 

Looking for the best way to sell a home in Montreal? Many homeowners are surprised to learn that working with a direct buyer can put far more money in their pocket than selling with the help of a Montreal real estate agent. Before you decide which route to take to sell in Montreal, we’d like to invite you to make a few calculations. You’ll then be able to make the best decision for you. Below are a few examples of costs you can avoid by doing business with the Vendre Maison Vite! team.

No commissions to pay

If you sell your home with a real estate agent in Montreal, you’ll have to pay commissions if you manage to sell on the traditional market. Commissions are about 6% of the sale price. This means that if your home sells for $250,000, $15,000 will instantly go to your agent. If you sell your home to the Vendre Maison Vite team, you won’t have to worry about commissions or other fees related to the sale. That’s a lot of money you won’t have to deduct from the sale if you sell your Montreal home directly to Vendre Maison Vite.

No work required

Teaming up with Vendre Maison Vite will give you the chance to sell your property as is, meaning you won’t have to repair anything or do any work to modernize the place. When they advertise their property for sale in Montreal, most owners are forced to do some work before they can even put it on the market. Sellers are often surprised when their potential buyers ask for additional work to be done following the inspection. Sometimes salespeople spend more than they should just to close the sale. If you opt for direct sales, you won’t have to spend a single penny on repairs, or invest your time.

Cost of ownership that stops now

Do you know how much home ownership really costs? When you factor in electricity bills, taxes, insurance, condominium fees and all the other expenses required to maintain your property, you may be surprised at how much you spend every month! By selling quickly, you could potentially save thousands of dollars. Once the house is sold, all these carrying costs will be a thing of the past, and this can be done now by selling direct rather than in a few months by selling traditionally. Think of all the money you could save by selling your home to a direct buyer from Montreal!

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No cleaning or maintenance

When you advertise a house for sale on the traditional Montreal market, you have to keep it in perfect condition 24 hours a day. You never really know who will visit or when your visitors will arrive. Potential buyers often ask to visit the property as soon as they see it, and if you really want to sell, you’ll have to comply with their requests. Some homeowners decide to hire a professional cleaning team when they advertise their Montreal home for sale. Others prefer to shoulder the responsibility themselves. No matter how you decide to handle the situation, you’ll have to put in the time and expense to keep the house spotless at all times.

No closing costs

If you sell your home on the traditional Montreal market, you’ll have to pay about 2% of the selling price in closing costs. If you sell for $250,000, that’s another $5,000 down the drain. These fees pay for things like title searches, tax transfers and title insurance. If you sell your home directly to Vendre Maison Vite, we’ll take care of these costs for you. We take care of all closing costs, so you have one less thing to think about when selling your Montreal home.

No promotion, home staging or professional photography fees

The savings generated multiply profits.
When you sell a house, the little expenses add up (too) quickly.

Although some promotion, home staging or photography costs may be included in the fees charged by an agent, it’s often the case that owners end up taking money out of their pockets for these items. Sometimes agents take photos with their cell phones. They often don’t give priority to advertising. Someone who really wants to sell in Montreal will want to do a little more than their agent suggests. Paid promotion, home staging and professional photography services are still used by sellers who want to get rid of their home as quickly as possible.

Every situation is unique. That’s why we invite you to make calculations specific to the home you want to sell in Montreal before deciding which sales method you will use!

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