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You’ve entered the market with the intention of selling your home. So you’re comparing different home buyers in Montreal, Quebec. But how do you know if it’s a good homebuyer or a bad one? Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, today you have the opportunity to do some research on almost anything or anyone! Consult credible review sources to see what experiences others have had, find out if the buyer is active on social networks and take a look at their website. What type of property does he buy on a regular basis?

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A good homebuyer will offer you a quick sale; they can sometimes close in as little as 2 days! He will also offer to pay for your property 100% in cash, but may use other payment methods to accommodate you. A bad homebuyer is hard to reach; he might promise you a quick sale, but always procrastinate, or he might never return your calls and e-mails. If that’s the case, it may be because he needs to qualify for a loan first and then, hopefully, he’ll be able to actually close the sale. A good homebuyer won’t renegotiate unless it’s a case of force majeure or hidden defects. A bad homebuyer might try to change the price, perhaps even repeatedly.

Excellent comments

A good homebuyer will have received a lot of feedback, and most of it will be positive.  Since the unexpected sometimes happens and mistakes are human, there may also be a few negative comments. You shouldn’t let these comments influence you too much, but take the time to check whether the buyer has responded to the comments. If so, how did they handle the situation? If you were the buyer, would you have been satisfied with such management? And don’t hesitate to talk about it with those around you; perhaps you have friends or family who have heard of the buyer.

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A good homebuyer has a positive view of the real estate market and makes sure to follow up. If you ask him to call you back at a certain time, he’ll do it without fail. He’ll tell you a lot, and have plenty to prove! A bad homebuyer, on the other hand, will make you big promises and then disappoint you. He’ll arrange a time to meet you, then won’t call or show up. Can you imagine having to spend hours tidying up, cleaning the house from floor to ceiling, all for a potential buyer who doesn’t show up?


References are extremely important in business. A good homebuyer will provide you with several references you can call to learn how they work. These references should never hesitate when answering your questions. If they hesitate, it could be a sign that they’re a bad homebuyer. Visit your buyer’s website; are there any comments? If so, are they specific to a very specific situation or are they very general, in a too-good-to-be-true kind of way that makes you wonder if an employee wrote them? Are they present on social networks? What do their followers write in the comments? Are public comments allowed? 

A good buyer will be able to close within a month.


A good homebuyer will commit to a short closing time (2 to 30 days) and offer a deposit. What’s more, he won’t try to get you to leave as quickly as possible. A bad homebuyer might try to push the closing date back several times, or he might simply ignore the closing date altogether. Also, he may never have made the deposit required by your contract. If your buyer uses third-party financing, a few items will be mentioned on the commitment letter. A bad homebuyer will present a commitment with a list of issues, which could question the source of funds and include a sudden drop in credit rating.

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