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There are many reasons to consider selling a home, but of course, once you’ve decided to sell, you want to sell as quickly as possible in Montreal. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help you sell quickly in Montreal.

Set the right selling price

The number-one trick to selling a house quickly is to ask the right amount for it. Take a few hours to research properties similar to yours that have sold in the area. When comparing other properties to yours, be meticulous and take into account all the little details; the presence of a swimming pool, access to a river or other body of water, the year of construction, as well as proximity to a shopping center, grocery store and other stores are examples of factors that influence interest in a property. Establish an appropriate selling price by observing recently sold properties, within the last 6 months if possible. If there’s no comparable property that’s sold recently, you could look at all the properties sold in the neighborhood and add or subtract certain amounts based on the differences between those properties and yours. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it’s important! If you set your asking price too high, you probably won’t receive many offers, since most potential buyers will think you’re not really ready to sell. If, on the other hand, you set the price too low in relation to its market valueFor example, buyers may think your property is problematic, that there’s something wrong with it, and won’t be interested.

Focus on appearances

Sell House fast, 60 days notice, financial recoveryMaking a few small changes or renovations that are inexpensive and/or essential will help you sell faster. A buyer who can walk through your property and imagine himself living there with his family is a seduced buyer. Making your home more attractive to potential buyers is quite simple! For example, a simple, rustic-looking, all-wood bar is a valuable asset that could make the difference between a buyer in love with your home and a buyer just looking for a good deal.

Organize an open house

One successful open house could have you selling in a flash. This type of event prompts many real estate professionals to go out and investigate a little further to find out if the property meets the demands of the buyers they are dealing with. Receiving real estate professionals rather than individual buyers offers you an undeniable advantage: buyers who deal with a professional are pre-approved and motivated. Maybe even a professional will be interested in buying the property for himself! Other potential buyers will most likely come forward, but they may not be pre-approved or even mortgage-ready. 

Do a little networking

If you’re an investor and have already flipped a property, you’re likely in contact with other investors and/or professionals in related fields, such as pool cleaners, property inspectors or contractors. Everyone you know has access to a network of people with whom they do business on a regular basis. You could find a buyer by inviting your network of acquaintances to talk to them about your new property for sale. And even if you’re not an investor yourself, tell all your friends and family, near and far, about your home for sale! Talk about it, talk about it and talk about it some more! It’s the best way to make yourself known.

Prepare a pro forma invoice

Whether you own an apartment building, a multi-family property or even a simple residence that can accommodate one or more people, preparing a pro forma invoice, also known as an invoice for form, will help you sell faster. This is especially true if you’re trying to sell an apartment building, since the main advantage of buying such a property is the return on investment! Do a little research into the local real estate market and its current state, and you’ll be able to estimate the income that can be generated by a fully-rented property. These figures will help serious investors calculate the value of income in relation to the capital to be invested initially, and determine whether or not the property is right for them.

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