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Buying a home is a serious commitment. Many factors come into play when choosing the right one. You’ve finally made up your mind and agreed to make some compromises… but how do you know if it was really the right decision? There are a number of factors that can tell you that you’re probably living in the wrong house.

You feel remorse

Sell your home quickly to a home buyer, cash or with an agentDo you feel like you’re sagging when you get home? Do you sometimes wish you’d never bought this house? Were you under pressure when you made the decision to buy? You haven’t really taken the time to store around and explore all the possibilities? Have you limited yourself to a specific neighborhood rather than keeping an open mind? Do you find your home too small to be comfortable, or do you wonder why you need so much space? These are signs that you are suffering from buyer’s remorse.

You have budget problems

Eating buttered pasta almost every night to pay your60-day notice, exercise notice, financial recovery mortgage is NOT what you had in mind when you imagined what life would be like as a homeowner? Does the property need more renovation than you originally thought? Is  costing you more than you expected? Maybe the house isn’t giving you as much pleasure or saving you as you’d hoped. Or is your home insurance costing you more than you expected? These are signs that your property doesn’t fit your budget, and that you’re probably living in the wrong house.

Your neighborhood is a problem

Or maybe the house fits perfectly into your budget, but you can’t use the Sell House fast, 60 days notice, financial recoverysame qualifier about your neighbors. Can’t hear the TV because of the blaring music? There’s more traffic around the house than you’d expect? Does the train wake you up too early in the morning? Do you find yourself doing your grocery shopping in a place you don’t like because your favourite chain is too far from home? These are signs that your neighborhood is problematic, and that you may be living in the wrong house.

Public services are failing

Your home is supplied with water by a well and you realize that you are responsible in case of breakage? You hate pumping water and don’t like the idea of having to hire a company to do it for you? The city is planning to connect your home to the public water system, which will increase your taxes for the next few years? These are signs that you’re living in the wrong house.

Trouble with foundations

Maybe you love your home, like your neighborhood and have no problems with utilities, but you’ve noticed a crack in the floor near the door. At first, you didn’t worry too much, but as the months went by, you noticed that it was getting worse: the crack was getting bigger and you noticed a new one near the window. Is your home’s foundation settling? Or perhaps there are water rings in the ceiling? These are all signs that you may be having trouble with your home’s foundation. These are also signs that you may be living in the wrong house.

How do I escape from an unsuitable home in Montreal?

The city of Montreal and the province of Quebec in general are teeming with people looking to buy homes in all conditions. These buyers may allow you to move out of your home as quickly as possible, but you have to be prepared to let it go for a little less money than it would be worth on the open market. You can save a lot of time and hassle by dealing with one of these buyers. You will probably be able to restructure your mortgage or receive a loan from a new creditor. If you believe you’ve been intentionally duped by the seller, real estate agent or inspector you’ve been dealing with, because they failed to inform you of certain fundamental issues, you can take them to court. (Consult your lawyer.) If this isn’t the ideal time to sell your property, perhaps you could rent out a room or the entire house, then sell it when the market is at its best.

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