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5 Obstacles Homeowners Face When Selling Their Houses During the Winter Months in Montréal

When selling a property, making the wrong decision can be costly. Read on to learn about the 5 obstacles facing homeowners selling in winter in Montreal.

Home buyer cash, Buy house fast, Sell house without agentThe right price  

It’s never been more important to advertise your home at the right price from the outset. Unfortunately, many owners find it difficult to determine the value of their property. And this is especially true during the winter vacations! Indeed, emotions sometimes add to the perceived value of a property, making it more difficult to establish a realistic selling price. Given the speed at which today’s real estate market is moving thanks to the Net, a poorly chosen price is likely to repel potential buyers and leave you in the lurch. In fact, the longer a property is advertised, the more vigilant potential buyers become. Modern buyers can eliminate all the old listings with a single click, then move to another property in your neighborhood. The inability to establish the right selling price is one of the biggest obstacles facing homeowners who want to sell their home in winter in Montreal. 

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Getting there on time is difficult for everyone. Deadlines can be a major obstacle if you want to sell your property in winter in Montreal. Federal, provincial and municipal laws must all be respected when selling a home. What’s more, the amount of paperwork involved in the sale is often overwhelming for sellers who are not used to the process. To avoid the sale slipping through your fingers, you must respect the creditor’s schedule and the closing date. This can be too heavy a burden for homeowners to bear. 

The agents

Real estate agents don’t help sellers for free. Of course, they charge commissions and other fees associated with their services. In spite of this, many owners choose to sign a contract with an agent, since he or she will be able to set an appropriate selling price and will have a good knowledge of the market and the transaction process. Salespeople often want to reduce the stress caused by paperwork and the risk of losing a sale. That’s why most owners completely ignore the possibility of selling on their own, opting instead for a more traditional route. Unfortunately for these sellers, hiring an agent often becomes an expensive hurdle for homeowners trying to sell in winter in Montreal.  

Sell House fast, 60 days notice, financial recoveryVisits and open days

Leaving your home every weekend, keeping the property in perfect condition 24 hours a day and being ready to leave without notice are just some of the obstacles faced by homeowners selling in winter in Montreal. Losing your home can be difficult. This is especially true at this time of year, when visitors arrive almost every week. What’s more, winter makes travel more complicated. Snow and ice make visits and removals more complicated. 

Sell House fast, 60 days notice, financial recoveryPreparation

Having to invest in the property is another obstacle homeowners face when trying to sell their Montreal winter home. The last thing you want to do when selling a house is throw more money at it. Yet this is what most sellers have to do to compete successfully on the market and attract buyers. You’ll need to prepare the house for visits. Depending on the condition of your property, it could be a simple paint touch-up or a major renovation. Today’s buyers are also used to visiting homes that have been home-staged. For example, neutral tones offer the most impersonal appearance possible. They should be used throughout the houseincluding upholstery, drapery, and even furniture and accessories. Home staging makes it easier for potential buyers to fill the space with their own personal belongings. If you decide to skip this step, you’ll still need to make sure you remove as many personal belongings as possible from your property. If you own a lot of stuff, storage costs may be added to the cost of selling the property. 

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