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4 Reasons Why Your House Isn't Selling in Montréal

What’s wrong with my ad? Although the number of days the average property spends on a real estate site varies from region to region, the fact remains that the majority of buyers today are used to shopping online. This method has the advantage of enabling the buyer to receive a large amount of information about a property at a glance. This information is arranged in such a way that, if your home has been advertised for more than 30 days, the potential buyer will most likely notice. Following this realization, a buyer might wonder if there is a problem not mentioned in the ad, or even a hidden defect that has been discovered by previous visitors. Read on and you’ll learn the 4 reasons why you can’t sell your Montreal home.

Too expensive

Is the price right? In today’s fast-paced market, where you have to charm buyers in a matter of seconds, setting a selling price could be the most important decision of the whole process. By setting a good price right from the start, you’ll get a head start and reduce the risk of having to wait a long time before selling. If your home is too expensive, it may simply be the reason why it won’t sell in Montreal. Perhaps you’ve taken into account possible future counter-offers and, deep down, you’re ready to accept a much lower amount than that shown in your ad. If the idea of receiving too low an offer frightens you, there are other ways of avoiding uncomfortable situations besides reducing the sale price. For example, you could add a few charming elements that will entice the buyer to close at the selling price you originally announced.

No interest

While you’re wondering why your Montreal home isn’t selling and digging into the details, has it occurred to you that your home might not “fit” very well with the other properties around it? When it comes to appraising a real estate property, compliance is of the utmost importance. Not all potential buyers have the desire or ability to invest time, money and effort in rearranging their future property. Another factor that sometimes prevents owners from selling is the lack of photos, or their poor quality. Also, buyers are increasingly accustomed to the advantages of net, including the virtual tours made possible by drones. Your promotional strategy should include publication on several well-known websites. If you’re thinking of selling with a real estate agent and he or she seems reluctant to make use of the latest technologies, or has a reductive view of the importance of online promotion, you may want to do some more research before committing to a deal.

Sell House fast, 60 days notice, financial recoveryIll-arranged

Many potential buyers can’t see beyond a few personal items (such as photos or trophies) when they visit a property. If you’ve paid no attention to home staging and a bunch of personal items can be spotted easily, it could mean your Montreal home doesn’t sell. In real estate sales, home staging is widely used to increase the value of a property. In fact, it’s been proven that a well-arranged property generally sells much faster than one that isn’t, ensuring that these small expenses are well worth it. Your real estate agent may ask you to put away certain items of a personal or sentimental nature. Your agent will also ensure that your home is properly redecorated by a reputable home staging company. In most cases, neutral tones are used to help buyers imagine the place as they would like it to be.

And what about the facade?

The facade almost entirely represents the beauty of a property in the eyes of a buyer turning your corner. Of course, as homeowners, we tend to overlook the things we see every day, since they’re simply part of the landscape. It’s human nature to get used to our surroundings. That’s why it can be very useful to bring in an outside eye, like that of a professional photographer, for example. If the exterior appearance of your property is less than optimal, you may find it difficult to sell your Montreal home. Sell House fast, 60 days notice, financial recoveryIf you want to make sure that your facade is attractive, make sure that your entire property looks harmonious and well-maintained. Similarly, your property could benefit from improved landscaping that enhances its unique features. A landscaper can also help you install an optimal outdoor lighting system. Don’t neglect cosmetic repairs, repaint your home’s walls, doors and mouldings. Be sure to choose colors that blend in well with those in your neighborhood, while allowing your property to stand out from the crowd.

These 4 reasons are just a few of the many that can prevent your Montreal home from selling. Tired of waiting for a buyer to show up? If you want to avoid the wait and save money while bypassing the multiple expenses and headaches involved in selling on your own or with a real estate agent, the Vendre Maison Vite team can help. Thanks to our direct sales process, doing business with Vendre Maison Vite means you’ll close quickly. Write to us, or call 514-320-1000 today!

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