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Before selling a mobile home in Montreal, you may want to do some work to increase its value. Find out which jobs are worthwhile and which sales methods are available to you by reading our latest article!

#1 – Make it more energy efficient

People like mobile homes because they’re easy to maintain and inexpensive. With fewer monthly expenses, homeowners have more money to spend on other things. The last thing they’ll want to put their money into is exceptionally high electricity bills. Mobile homes are small. As long as the property is well insulated, it shouldn’t cost much to heat. Before selling, make sure everything is well insulated. Check that doors and windows are airtight. You could even replace your existing windows with energy-efficient ones. This will help your future buyer save on heating and cooling costs.

If some of your appliances need replacing, look for Energy Star-approved products. These appliances will require much less electricity, helping your customers to pay less and the planet to be healthier.

#2 – Take care of the yard

Making a few changes to your yard can make a big difference to people’s impression of your property. An impeccable facade creates a good first impression and subconsciously makes your buyers want to see more. We’re talking about changes like tidying up anything that isn’t visually pleasing, raking, weeding, planting a few flowers, adding decorative stones and lamps with a consistent style. Even if you’re not accustomed to sitting outside, setting up an outdoor seating area will make the property as a whole more inviting.

#3 – Paint

Cash home buyer, Buy house fast, Sell my house fastA simple coat of paint can completely change the mood of a room. This covers minor damage to the walls, which can make the property look worth less than it really is. What’s more, it’s a project you can easily undertake yourself, or at very low cost. Painting the exterior isn’t a bad idea either. Changing colors and refreshing the building can completely change the way buyers perceive your mobile home. Pay special attention when painting the exterior; depending on the type of material covering your home, you may need to take a few extra steps.

#4 – Move it

After all, your home is mobile. By moving it to a new location, you can increase its value without having to change anything. The land might cost more, but normally you won’t have to pay them for very long.

In addition to the tips we’ve just listed, there are several other ways to increase the value of a mobile home before selling it. Although major renovations and the knocking down of walls can sometimes be expensive, changing a few decorative items and doing a few small, inexpensive jobs can also increase the value of your mobile home.

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The tips above will all be super-helpful if you decide to hire an agent or try to sell on your own. However, there is another way to sell your mobile home, and that’s directly to a Montreal investor. If you decide to sell your mobile home directly to the Vendre Maison Vite team, you won’t have to spend any money on renovations, promotion or carrying costs while you wait for a buyer to come along. For many mobile home owners, a direct sale is the most lucrative method! Don’t put another penny into your property until you know whether direct sale is the best option for you!

We’ll make selling your Montreal mobile home fast and easy! Contact our team today to find out more about what we have to offer! 514-320-1000